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November 2018 | For Ages 8 - 18


The Neverending Story (Atreyu and the Great Quest)

Based upon the novel by Michael Ende, adapted by David S. Craig. Commissioned by Seattle Children's Theatre and Imagination Stage.

A gripping adventure, full of weird and wonderful creatures, exciting foes, wondrous allies, and the power of imagination. Told with all the thrills of a classic adventure, the story begins with Bastian, a lonely boy, being chased by bullies, who stumbles into a curious bookshop where he discovers a curious book—The Neverending Story. Bastian hides in the attic of his school and begins to read, and a huge adventure surges into life. Fantastica, a land of stories, is being destroyed by the Nothing. The Childlike Empress has chosen Atreyu, a young hunter, to be the Hero of the Great Quest. Atreyu, an orphan, is an unlikely choice, but he bravely accepts and, with his horse and companion, Artax, rides to face the menace. His journey through strange places, meeting exotic characters and facing great challenges, leads back to Bastian for the quest to be completed.

The Hobbit

Based upon the novel by J. R. R. Tolkien, adapted by Patricia Gray.

This is the only version of the story adapted for theatre that was authorized by Tolkien himself, and is as full of adventure and fearsome creatures, heroic characters, and mysterious elements as can be fit onto any stage.

It may have felt like every other evening, and just as Bilbo liked it, but when some unexpected guests arrived, Bilbo’s life changes forever. Like all respectable Hobbits, Bilbo loves predictability and routine, avoiding danger and adventure. However, he also loves reading about Elves and far off lands and is not an “ordinary” Hobbit, according to Gandalf, who feels that Bilbo is bolder than the rest. Thus, when Bilbo is asked to leave his comfortable and cozy home, Bag End, to embark on a quest and take on a new, adventurous, role to recover an important treasure, after some initial reluctance, Bilbo agrees. And, thus, the Burglar joins the company and history is made.

July 2019 | For Ages 8 - 18 + Family + Alumni!



Based on Disney's epic animated musical adventure and Edgar Rice Burrough's Tarzan of the Apes, Tarzan features heart-pumping music by rock legend, Phil Collins, and a book by Tony Award-winning playwright, David Henry Hwang. High-flying excitement and hits, like the Academy Award winning "You'll Be in My Heart" as well as "Son of Man" and "Two Worlds"make Tarzan an unforgettable theatrical experience.

Washed up on the shores of West Africa, an infant boy is taken in and raised by gorillas who name him Tarzan. Apart from striving for acceptance from his ape father, Tarzan's life is mostly monkey business until a human expedition treks into his tribe's territory, and he encounters creatures like himself for the first time. Tarzan struggles to navigate a jungle, thick with emotion, as he discovers his animal upbringing clashing with his human instincts.

Dr. Doolittle, Jr.

In hibernation for 20 years, Dr. Dolittle is set for an all new season of fun and adventure! With the upcoming remake featuring talents like Robert Downey, Jr., Emma Thompson, Tom Holland, and Antonio Banderas, the movie is scheduled to release just months before WCT launches its’ own red carpet version.

This classic tale of kindness to animals trots, crawls and flies onto the stage in Doctor Dolittle JR. All of the characters we've come to love through the stories of
Hugh Lofting and the magical movie musical are given new life in the stage version.

The musical tells the classic tale of a wacky, but kind, doctor who can talk to animals, taking the audience on a journey from the small English village of Puddleby-on-the-Marsh to the far corners of the world. When Doctor Dolittle attempts to help a seal named Sophie, he’s wrongly accused of murder and stands trial before General Bellowes. Once pronounced innocent, Dolittle is free to
continue with his search for the Great Pink Sea Snail – the oldest and wisest of the creatures on earth. Needless to say, adventure ensues and….well, just come see it
and you’ll find out what happens!

Mary Poppins, August 2017 Photo by Lucy Brown

Mary Poppins, August 2017 Photo by Lucy Brown

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It costs anywhere from $6-10k to put on a single production. Royalties, scripts, costumes, set materials, technical materials, professional stipends, and other production costs from this are barely covered by ticket sales and tuition costs, which we strive to keep as low as possible to allow full access. But our program is growing vigorously and last season 38% of our participants utilized our scholarship fund to participate. So, when we fundraise for programming we are also fundraising to enable students for whom full tuition can be a financial burden. WCT has never turned a child away for financial reasons, and we work hard to keep the scholarship fund coffers prepared to handle the needs of this community’s young people. If you break all that down, it means that with little to no profit made on productions, fundraising is a critically necessary piece of our program to help cover operational costs like staff, facilities, program development, grant writing, and more. 

Thank you for supporting the community, collaboration, and creative space Whidbey Children's Theatre provides to the youth of our community through training in the performing arts!

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