2014 - 2015 Season

Wind in the Willows

by Alan Bennett, adapted from the book by Kenneth Grahame

Friday, November 14 - Sunday, November 23

Directed by Rose Woods

Cast Grades 2 - 6

Whidbey Children's Theater is proud to present "The Wind in the Willows", its first production of the season.

Join Mole, Ratty, Badger, Mr Toad, and host of woodland characters as they forge friendships, brave snowstorms, go on a wild car ride, and save Toad Hall from scheming weasels & ferrets!

The Diary of Anne Frank

dramatized by Frances Goodrich and
Albert Hackett

Thursday, December 11 -
Sunday, December 21

Directed by Michael Morgen

Cast Grades 9-12

Whidbey Children's Theater is proud to present "The Diary of Anne Frank", its second production of the season.

This powerful and poignant drama tells the story of young Anne Frank, who is only 12 years old when her family is forced into hiding during the Nazi occupation of Holland in 1942. From the pages of her diary we join their struggles, triumphs, hopes, fears and humanity that shine through even in the darkest hour.

Directed by Michael Morgen, a dedicated cast of high school age actors brings this important story fresh life in WCT's intimate black box theater space.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

by Richard M. Sherman and
Robert B. Sherman

Friday, February 27 -
Sunday, March 8

Directed by Kathryn Lynn Morgen

Cast Grades 3 - 12


Take to the skies in the fabulous flying car, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, as the eccentric inventor Caractacus Potts takes young Jeremy & Jemima on the adventure of a lifetime! With the help of the lovely Truly Scrumptious, they'll have to rescue Grandpa from the dastardly Vulgarians, outwit the bumbling Boris and Goran, evade the diabolical Childcatcher, and save the day! A madcap adventure full of song, dance, and laughter, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is an unforgettable treat for every age*, so bring the whole family!

In her directorial debut, Kathryn Lynn Morgen brings a new vision to this classic tale, bringing a fresh exciting aesthetic while keeping the magic that audiences know and love. "This is an all-time favorite show of mine, and a beloved story for a lot of people,” says Morgen. "These young actors have completely amazed me with their creativity and motivation to take this production to the limit — I can’t wait for them to share it with the community!”

Chamber Music

by Arthur Kopit

Thursday, March 26 - Sunday, March 29

Directed by Michael & Kathryn Lynn Morgen

Cast Grades 9 - 12

Audience Talkback after  Chamber Music

Audience Talkback after Chamber Music

Welcome to the "Sixth Annual Meeting of the Duly-Elected Grievance and Someday-Governing Committee of Wing Five, Women's Section"

Arthur Kopit's 1962 absurdist dark comedy is a hurricane of wit, symbolism, and psychosis set in an asylum in 1938. Eight women gather to discuss the woes of their people and confer on a plan of action against the feelings of belligerency sustained from the residents of the men's ward.

Chamber Music is an ensemble cast, with some actors changing parts. Each showing will consist of an entirely different arrangement than the others.

Anne of Green Gables

by Joseph Robinette

Friday, May 8 -
Sunday, May 17

Directed by Melanie Lowey

Cast Grades 6 - 8

Green Gables is the home of lovable Matthew Cuthbert and his stern sister, Marilla. They agree to adopt a boy to help with the farm work. Imagine their consternation when Anne Shirley, a girl in her teens, is sent by the orphanage by mistake! Anne touches Matthew's heart with her vivid imagination and her charitable viewpoint, but it takes time to reach the tender heart beneath Marilla's hard exterior. Then there is young Josie Pye, a lad named Moody Spurgeon and Matthew, Anne's kindred spirit. This lovely classic is very simple to present and full of warmth and wit.

Peter Pan and Wendy

adapted by Doug Rand

Friday, July 10 -
Sunday, July 19

Directed by Michael Morgen

Cast Grades 3 - 12

This non-musical adaptation by Doug Rand remains faithful to J.M. Barrie's original vision, while breathing fresh life and excitement into the story with director, Michael Morgen's unforgettabe Steampunk aesthetic!

Watch as Pan takes the Darling children on the adventure of their lives, takes on Captain Hook, frees the impetuous Tiger Lily, enlists the help of the magical Neverbird, argues with the mischievous Tinkerbell, and reminds us all that Neverland is always closer to us than we think.

This production combines the swashbuckling adventure of pirates and crocodiles and Lost Boys with a true emotional depth, which will leave audiences of all ages entertained and satisfied. So bring the whole family*