Rhianna Kinglet Dickson Hobbs Scholarship Fund

Libby & the Rhianna Wall.jpg

WCT is proud to introduce our new permanent installation in honor of WCT actor Rhianna Kinglet Dickson Hobbs. Created by Rhianna's friend and fellow WCT actor Libby Hawkins, this installation is loving tribute to a very special girl.

Rhianna's style was about as vibrant and generous as you can imagine. She approached theatre with her whole being: she was welcoming and encouraging to every person involved, laughed with her whole body, worked hard, and took the opportunity to inhabit different characters eagerly. Rhianna threw herself fearlessly into it all. It was inspiring to see and inspiring to be around.

When we looked at creating the scholarship fund, a significant part of the language revolved around creating opportunities for other kids/youth to explore how performing arts helps you find your creative, courageous, and playful self. It is about how you find family at theatre and discover just how brave and awesome you truly are.

Founded in 2013, the Rhianna Kinglet Dickson Hobbs Scholarship Fund believes that:

  • every kid deserves access to the arts

  • arts education creates pathways for brain development that enhance core learning at school

  • arts education develops character by encouraging personal growth mentally, physically, and emotionally

  • arts education opens up a world of experience that can only be found through imagination, creation, and discovery

WCT is the only performing education program and venue in Island County that is child-centered. Our mission includes reducing or eliminating barriers to participation, including financial barriers.
30% of WCT's direct participants utilize available financial assistance.

WCT is honored and grateful to the Dickson and Hobbs families for allowing us to honor Rhianna's light and love for theatre - and for WCT specifically - by offering our scholarship program in her name, and to their continued generous gifts to that program. Rhianna's fund is ALWAYS about removing barriers to participating in something she believed in so passionately.