Announcing the TCYA 2018 Production!


Whidbey Children's Theatre & Island Shakespeare Festival are pleased to announce the Theatre Conservatory for Young Adults 2018 production!

King Lear by William Shakespeare
Edited by Olena Hodges
Directed by Kathryn Lynn Morgen
Classes: Text, Movement, Stage Combat, Improv with Teaching Artists from the Island Shakespeare Festival Company

TCYA Info Session: February 3rd, 2018 @ 2:30 - WCT Blackbox
TCYA Auditions: March 3rd, 2018 - by appointment, open to grades 8 - 12

King Lear is the right choice—and the exciting choice—for this year's TCYA. As the program has evolved over the years, our youth participants have shown themselves, over and over, to be not just able to rise to the occasion, but to take it further. To astonish. From The Importance of Being Earnest to Antigone, and to last season's Eurydice, the young actors who participate in TCYA have brought sophistication, dedication, artistry and enthusiasm to their work. Perhaps there was never a better time than now for a Shakespeare work to be a part of the TCYA anthology. And what better place to start than King Lear—a fitting cap to our season Elemental. Stories that reflect the fundamental facets of life, our relationships, and ask us to see how we fit in to the whole. 

Find out more about Theatre Conservatory for Young Adults here.

King Lear stands like a colossus at the centre of Shakespeare’s achievement as the grandest effort of his imagination. In its social range it encompasses a whole society, from king to beggar, and invites us to move in our imagination between a royal palace and a hovel on a bare heath. Its emotional range extends from the extreme of violent anger to the tenderest intimacy of loving reconciliation […] It is unsparing in its depiction of human cruelty and misery, but also rich in its portrayals of goodness, devotion, loyalty and self-sacrifice […] and these features, together with the astonishing imaginative range of its action, its language and its imagery, have encouraged many to see the play in terms of universal values, as a kind of objective correlative for the spiritual journey through life […]
— R.A. Foakes, Introduction to The Arden Shakespeare’s King Lear

Kathryn Lynn Morgen formerly served as Artistic Director of Whidbey Children's Theatre ('16-'17) and recently directed the TCYA 2017 production of Eurydice. In October, they founded the independent quarterly print magazine New Theatre Magazine, currently seeking contributions for a pilot issue and crowdfunding campaign. You can see Kathryn in the upcoming Island Shakespeare Festival production of Shakespeare’s Other Women in Zech Hall at WICA opening January 18th. They are thrilled to return to ISF's stage, having appeared as Robin Starveling/Cobweb in A Midsummer Night's Dream in 2012. Some additional stage credits include Winifred Banks in Mary Poppins at Whidbey Children’s Theatre, Malcom (Macbeth) at WICA, and Catherine Givings (In the Next Room, … ) with OutCast Productions.  More at and