Whidbey Children’s Theatre is seeking a Production Manager

Whidbey Children’s Theatre is seeking a Production Manager.

This person will begin work at the top of our 2017-18 season! We are looking for the right individual to join our team of energetic, creative, passionate human beings who believe in the power of education through the lens of the performing arts. Our organization is a long-standing, local 501(c)3 non-profit that promotes inclusion, imagination, play, process, and team work for children and youth ages 4-19.

The Production Manager (PM) will be responsible for the following:

•   Upholding the WCT ethos at large, in all duties and responsibilities.

•   Working in tandem with and communicating effectively with Executive Director regarding each production, and the arc of the season.

•   Consistently and effectively communicating production calendar needs and helping synchronize dates and times as they relate to other calendars - marketing/publicity, fundraising, activity, community, etc.

•   Applying for licenses, rights and royalties, and communicating with publishing houses.

•   Creation and maintenance of rehearsal and production calendars.

•   Assisting with facility maintenance, specifically rehearsal and production spaces.

•   Being aware and assisting as needed with in-house events outside the production calendar.

•   Building relationships with contractors, including directors, musical directors, stage managers, set designers and builders, costumers, classroom instructors, etc. with an emphasis on qualified individuals who work well on behalf of and alongside children and youth.

•   Processing, tracking and filing appropriate paperwork and materials.

•   Setting yearly budgets for production costs, contractors and materials.

•   Consistently communicating with Executive Director, bookkeeping staff and WCT board treasurer in regards to contracts and production costs.

•   Scheduling and leading production meetings.

•   Keeping production teams unified throughout each production arc, and remaining aware of big picture items.

•   Monitoring production progress and process.

•   Assisting with material (props, set materials, etc.) acquisition as needed.

•   Coordinating production volunteers as needed.

•   Assisting with front of house needs as called for.

•   Coordinating and assisting with post production meetings and strike.

Position Qualifications include:

•   Working effectively and enthusiastically with and around children and youth ages 4-19.

•   Excellent communication skills - Candidate should be comfortable with communicating in person, over the phone and electronically with fellow staff members, contractors, families, participants, guests, patrons, organizations and community members.

•   Able to complete work in a rapidly-paced, creative, SUPER FUN environment.

•   Candidate should be organized and self-motivated, able to maintain an appropriate balance between working as part of a team as well as independently.

•   Previous production management experience preferred.


Please send your cover letter and resume, Attention: Ann Johnson, to Whidbey Children’s Theatre by 5 pm, Friday September 1, 2017. Mailing address: PO Box 1493, Langley, WA98260, or by email: ann@wctmagic.org.