Thank you, Penny!

It's Penny!  Photo: Lucy Brown

It's Penny! Photo: Lucy Brown

Whidbey Children's Theater would like to thank Penny Webb for the magic she has brought to our WCT staff, and express our good wishes as she departs for other adventures! Penny joined us as a contractor in a fund developing position in September of 2015. She was a pivotal force in researching and bringing new data management technology on board, and creating opportunities for us to continue and grow relationships with donors and patrons old and new. Like many of us who volunteer, contract and work in the non-profit world, Penny was led to WCT first as a volunteer, giving her time as a devoted mom on behalf of her "theater kid." She and her kiddos, Grace and Miles, embody the spirit of what it is to be active and creative participants in our south island community. WCT wishes her well in her next endeavors, and is so pleased to have her continued supports as a proud theater mom and volunteer! Thank you, Penny, for your service to Whidbey Children's Theater!